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Contact Exams & Fittings


Exams and Fittings

Dr. Gray specializes in fitting several types of contact lenses. Including soft, hybrids, gas perms, and scleral. He also specializes in diagnosing and proper care of a condition known as Keratoconus.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Is my contact fitting more money?
  • A: Yes, a contact fitting exam is an extra charge.

  • Q: Do I get a glasses prescription with my contacts prescription? 
  • A: Yes a glasses prescription is included with a contact exam. However, a contact prescription is not included with a basic glasses exam.  

  • Q: Do I need to decide before the exam if I want contacts?
  • A: Yes, please let us know at the beginning of your exam if you are wanting a contact exam.

  • Q: Does a contact fitting include a pair of contacts?
  • A: Yes, you will get a free pair of contacts with your contact exam. 

  • Q: Do you match 1800CONTACTS?
  • A: Yes, we do!  We also provide damaged lens replacement which they do not.

  • Q: Is it cheaper to buy a year's supply?
  • A: Yes, we can provide you with rebates that make it quite a bit cheaper when you purchase a year's supply. 

  • Q: Should I open the boxes of contacts I bought if I'm not sure if I like the trails?
  • A: NO! We can return and exchange an up-opened box, as long as the box is not written on or damaged. 

  • Q: Do you sell contact lens solution? 
  • A: Yes, stop in anytime to get solution.  We can help you pick the right one.